Members' Projects


October 2016
Pie Crust Tea Table by Keith Rackley
This tea table is made of walnut and finished with amber shellac top coated with General Finishes
oil and urethane semi-gloss. Table is based on (not an exact copy) one shown in book titled
"Making a Piecrust Tea Table by Tom Heller and Ron Clarkson.
pie crust table pie crust table
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pie crust table pie crust table

July 2016
Table by Keith Rackley
Walnut, finished with amber shellac and oil and urethane topcoat.
It is a repro of one shown in Franklin Gottshall's book titled "Making Antique Furniture.
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March 2016
Chippendale Lowboy by Keith Rackley
(dimensions taken from Franklin H. Gottshall's "Making Furniture Masterpieces)
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August 2015
Turret Top Tea Table by Keith Rackley
Walnut with claw and ball, hand-carved top edge.
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June 2015
Walnut Blanket Chest by Keith Rackley
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May 2015
Display Case/Couch Tables by Kenneth Sternberg

Two display case/ couch tables of air dried walnut and Lyptus. I substantially built them at the education center between Feb. and May of this year. The inspiration came from a live edged Walnut slab GWG had for sale for quite some time that I resawed into the two tops. The casework is just designed to be simple, useful and mostly just to complement the slab tops.

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Case 1 Pic Case 2 Pic Case 3 Pic

March 2015
Chippendale Style Arm Chair by Keith Rackley
  This is a Chippendale style arm chair made of walnut. The backsplat and elements of the crest rail are taken from the 2006, no. 186 issue of Fine Woodworking: Philadelphia Side Chair. Dimensions and basic style are based on an existing chair in my possession.

  Chippendale Arm Chair
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May 2014
Slant Front Secretary by Keith Rackley
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  This secretary was inspired by the Lonnie Bird secretary which first appeared in a 2002 issue of Fine Woodworking magazine. As anyone familiar with the Lonnie Bird secretary can see, I have taken some liberties with Mr. Bird's interpretation of this time-honored piece. I chose to use glass in lieu of wood panels for the doors and changed the gallery layout to suit my personal taste. The secretary is made of walnut (my personal favorite), and I can honestly say it was a very enjoyable project for me.

secretary   secretary detail

February 2014
Silk Armoire by John A. Thomas
Completed this year with materials purchased at the Guild.
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               armoire armoire               
armoire detail armoire detail armoire detail
March 2013
Mahogany Cabinet by Keith Rackley
Based on John Townsend's 1750 Document Cabinet
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Document Cabinet

Document Cabinet

January 2013

Paula Kelly recently approached the Guild with a project she needed help on. She had previously built a small box, and put it in front of the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, to use as a lending library. It is a place where you can pick up a book to read or leave a book for the next one to read. Over time the box gave way to the elements and was in need of repair. She asked us if we could repair it or replace it. The project didn’t really meet the guilds guidelines for being approved by the board but a note was sent out to the general membership and a few volunteers agreed to build Paula a new box.

One of the members generously put up his own money for the materials and they built the shown box in a couple of weeks. Paula was very pleased with the results and is hoping to raise funds from some local companies to build some more lending libraries to put in other locations.

The members that built the lending library were Aubrey Rogers, Butch Scott, Buddy Turner and Vince DeCarlo.

lending library box

December 2012
  Kenneth Sternberg made these rocking horses out of Jatoba and Maple. The horses and the building process are featured in the Show Us Your Woodworking section of the Highland Woodworking website. Check out the article at this address: rocking horses image

September 2012
Guild member Bill Brett and Ron Logan of the church made this "Dog Watering Station"
for a "Blessing of the pets and flu clinic" at First Christian Church. The church had it painted.
pet station image  pet station image
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July 2012
Trestle Table by Jim Sinclair
36" x60"
Distressed Pine
Minwax Jacobean stain, Minwax Polycrylic Satin finish
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April 2012
Walnut Queen Anne footstool by Keith Rackley.
Finished with shellac, gel stain, and oil & urethane.
Elm blanket chest with cedar lining built by Tim Yang.
chest 1 img chest 2 img

March 2012
This is a barn front for the play "Charlotte's Web", being presented by Reidville Elementary School. It will be painted, including barn doors, by the school. It was constructed by Bill Bagwell, Keith Rackley, and Bill Brett.
barn 1 image barn 2


January 2012

Display cabinet for mineral samples.
-Jim Sinclair

display cabinet 2 disp

December 2011

I know many of you saw me working on the quilting frame in the shop, well it is finally finished.  Unfortunately it is a Christmas gift, so I will not be able to bring it to show and tell at the January meeting so I have attached some pictures.  The frame is made out of red oak and finished with friutwood Danish oil.  The moving parts were waxed to allow everything to move freely.   

The plans were purchased online from Moritz Designs.  I am going to donate the plans that I purchased to the library if anyone is interested in building one. 

-Tom Darby

quilt rack 1 quilt rack 2 quilt rack 3


July 2011

Ron Critser's coffee table

The table top s 20 inches wide by 42 inches in length and 19 inches in height and
 weighs approximately 80 lbs. The wood is Tiger wood/Brazilian Koa for the panels
 and African mahogany for the stiles and rails (frame and legs) finished with an
 oil-varnish mix and a hand rubbed bees wax. The hardware is brass knife hinges for the
 doors, with brass bullet catches at the bottom for support, and the pulls are Italian made,
 purchased from Lee Valley in Canada. Certainly a modern look with a pronounced wood
 grain color and pattern. No stains or dyes were used.


April 2011

Bill Bagwell's lowboy


October 2010

Here is a small dresser Tim Yang made for his 8 yr old daughter from
 curly maple and cherry based on a Stickley lingerie chest. He had to
 adjust the height to fit under a window in her bedroom.

September 2010

Ron Critser submitted the following pictures:

James Krenov designed the cabinet. The stand is African mahogany
 and the cabinet is curly maple with an unknown veneer in the doors

A Bubinga wood Lazy Susan that is 19 inches in diameter.
  Unique is the "face" that is looking at you, an unintended design outcome.

This was Jeri's first birdhouse, a gift for her father on his 90th birthday.

Writing Desk
May 2010
Maple; clear satin polyurethane finish
Buzz Sprinkle

Disappearing TV
February 2010
Bill Bagwell

Visitor Sign-in Register for Holy Cross Episcopal Church
July 2009

Constructed by  Al Kaufmann

Sound booth for Holy Cross Episcopal Church
May 2009

Constructed by Adrian Harvey, Al Kaufmann, and Dennis DeFrancesco

Choir cabinets for St Mary's
March 2009

Cabinets were installed March 24 by Bill Brett, Paul Meunier, Ruud Veltman, and Buddy Turner.
The assembly consists of 65 cubbies, 6 drawers (two of which are drawers inside of drawers),
 and two bookshelves with base cabinets having doors. Construction is of solid oak and oak plywood.


February 2009

Ruud Veltman, Paul Meunier, Bill Brett

Grand-daughter desk
Bill Bagwell
January 2009

Candleholder for St Philips
Jack McKay
December 2008

Hall Tree
Buzz Sprinkle
December 2008

Angels and Cross for St Philips
Aubrey Rogers
December 2008

The background is 16 ft high at the peak and 23 ft across.
 The cross is 14 ft high and 8 ft wide. The angels are 11 X 5 ft.
 Background is painted Merlot, while the cross and angels
 are solid Maple, finished natural

Angel for St Philips
Aubrey Rogers
October 2008

Weather Box
African Mahogany

Ron Critser
October 2008

The corners are mitered. Each side contains a different monitor
(hydrometer, barometer, clock, and temperature gauge).  The top and
bottom (genuine Mahogany) can be removed to provide access to the
gauges or provide additional storage

Cross for church
Aubrey Rogers
October 2008

This cross is 14 feet high and 8 feet wide, made of Maple, and sprayed with lacquer

Toy chest for Great Grandson, Michael
Al Kaufmann
August 2008


Poppy Table
Ron Critser
March 2008

Reproduction of Gustaf Stickley's "Poppy Table", as seen in the
December, 2007, issue of Popular Woodworking

Altar and Credence Table
Daily Mass Chapel
St Joseph's Catholic School
February 2008

Guitars, by William Burgess
January 2008

Garden Bench, in Cypress, with a high gloss finish, by Buzz Sprinkle
December 2007

Myndert Papenhuyzen's string cabinet for The Fine Arts Center
May 2007

St Joseph's High School

August 2007

Six Oak candle stands, approximately 40" high and 12" square.
At this stage, finishing had not been completed.

April 2007

This altar is made using solid oak, with an oak plywood top, It is 96 inches long, 32 inches deep, and 36 inches high. It will be used in the high school auditorium for weekly student body masses.

Cherry cabinet, by Bill Bagwell (his first attempt at Cabriolet legs)

The bass guitars of William Burgess - Chapter 2:


The bass guitars of William Burgess - Chapter 1: