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Come on out to one or two meetings as our guest and see what we're all about! Monthly meetings start at 6:45 PM, with social time, door prize tickets available (to members only), etc, at 6:15.
All of the following are at our Education Center, unless otherwise noted.

What When Notes
Sawmill Picnic 6 pm, Monday, June 5, 2017 Bring your logs for a time of food and fellowship.
Monthly Meeting Follow-up

Sources referenced in Gary Morris's Presentation
Mike's Workshop
Brandon, SD

The Wooden Teddy Bear
Portland, Or. 33917

Notes from John Leake's Presentation on January 5, 2015 - click here for PDF
Steve Kern's Wood Finishing (8/1/11) - click here for PDF
John Leake's Slant Front Ladies Desk handout.

Gail Fredell's pickling recipe:
1. wash 8 - 12 pads of med-course #2 or #3 steel wool thoroughly in dishwashing soap to remove all oils, etc.
2. soak steel wool in 1 gallon of clear white cider vinegar for 36 - 48 hours. steel wool must be completely submerged in vinegar!
3. pour off vinegar into a clean container - either glass or plastic. strain vinegar through coffee filters to remove iron particles.
4. this solution is your full-strength pickle. if you keep it in a closed container and out of direct light it can be good for 2 - 3 weeks.
5. I dilute the pickle with water depending on how dark I want to turn the wood I am working with; the more water added to the solution, the lighter the mix.

1. I find it essential to do tests/samples every time, so I always save all my cut-offs while working on a piece for samples later on.
2. the color will darken and shift when finishes are applied, so complete samples by applying finishes.
3. add 6 drops of ivory liquid soap to a gallon of pickling solution to help break surface tension and get the solution to go down into the pores of the wood.
4. the pickled wood seems to continue to darken a bit over time.

It's all highly un-scientific and sometimes unpredictable.
I have used this with: redwood, mahogany, walnut, cherry, white oak, soft maple.
Members can contact me with questions if they run into any snags or surprises.

Donald Bradley's Book List, from his July 12, 2010, presentation: click here

John Leake's presentation, May 3, 2010
And again, John comes across with a helpful handout.
Queen Anne Lowboy.

Jon Welch's presentation, October 5, 2009
Windsor stool handout.

John Leake's presentation, February 5, 2007

Again, John's presentation is accompanied by a handout.
Piedmont Sideboard.

Bo Hurley's presentation, January 8, 2007
Bo has composed an addendum to his presentation. You can read it by clicking here.

John Leake's presentation, August 1, 2005
John's presentation was so good, it could have been considered a seminar.
His handouts had to be posted somewhere, so here they are. Give a click.
Sliding dovetail jig, and more.