New Education Center
September 2011
The comfortable stadium seating system in the auditorium has now been installed
and was used for the September meeting. New walls have been erected on 3 sides
of the platform, to act as projection rooms, member log-in area, etc.

December 2010
The Flag is now proudly flying over our new home. Thanks to Jean Arden and
her crew for doing the work, to the supervisors for donating the money for
the plaza, and to Woodmen of the World for their donation of the flag and


November 2010 - The big machines get picked up and delivered


November 2010 - Raising the flagpole


November 2010 - Moving out


November 2010 - New sign


September 2010 - New shelf being brought in. It was constructed by members at the old Shop

Part of the Chainsaw Massacre Crew


August 2010 - Major progress:


April 2010 - Lot's going on:

First meal in new Education Center

First Supervisor's meeting in new Education Ctr




Wednesday, April 15, 2010 - Day One in the building:

Karl Kelly adding graffiti

Russ Clarke and Dave Hancock

Dave Hancock, Bob Rayle, and Russ Clarke

Richard Reece

Darryl Roberson ready for some heavy moving

Bob Rayle

Dave Hancock and Russ Clarke

Russ Clarke

Dave Hancock

Mystery Guest

Tom Shearer

John Roberts cleaning out

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 -
This morning, Aubrey, Jim and I met with Mayor Don Godbey, of Mauldin. It was a cordial meeting, attended as well by the City Administrator, Trey Eubanks. Trey is from York and knows John Leake and family. They both pledged to do what ever necessary to make us happy in Mauldin.

Next we met with Peter Nomikos, Building and Zoning Director. He walked us through the permit, inspection and occupancy regulations.

If we sprinkle, the contractor presents a set of plans to his department for the Fire Marshall to approve and then he gets his permit. If we do any rewiring on the premises, a permit by a licensed electrician is required and the work inspected. If we build any walls with outlets, they have to be inspected, etc. We can do the work, but the electrical contractor must check or oversee our work for it to be legal. Same goes for HVAC and the little building in which we put the dust collector. Foundations need to be inspected for the structure and a full set of plans for the addition.

This afternoon, Linda Rakey and I spent time with Ron Scheetz and Travis Babb of Scheetz, Hogan, Freeman and Phillips. They will present us a quote that will cover our needs for both facilities and the transition from un-sprinkled to sprinkled. We agreed to put a replacement value on the main building of $1,000,000.

Talked to Sonny Graves, our attorney, and he expects the final contract tomorrow, after which he will overnight to our benefactor for his signature. Many changes have been made and he got the owner to agree to all but one which Sonny thought was OK. He's also going to get them to sign a paper allowing us in the building perhaps as early as Friday.

     Aubrey Rogers, Jim Kilton, Mauldin Mayor Don Godbey, and Wayne Comstock

Guild announces new Education Center, in Mauldin. The address is 209 Holly Ridge Drive. Here are the first pictures:


New Education Center is now a reality
On February 15th, 2010, the Board of Directors was presented with a proposal of a gift of a building and land in which to install a new Education Center. The Board accepted the gift unanimously.The property is located at 209 Holly Ridge Court in Mauldin off West Butler Road or Mauldin Road. It was the home of a retail store selling Christmas decorations and an above-ground swimming pool business. The main building is a metal 24,000 square feet structure roughly 10 years old. It is essentially divided into two 12,000 square foot areas serving the two businesses. The Guild will initially occupy the back half and develop it into shop, assembly and training facilities. What is expected to be the machine room, hand tool room and main assembly area is presently not heated or cooled. Capital funding will be
necessary to pay for HVAC in those areas.It appears there is ample power to serve our needs now and in the future. Heat is natural gas on roof-top units.In the rear of the building there are two submerged loading docks and one drive-through door to accommodate receiving materials and equipment.In the rear of the building is a 3000 square foot metal building used for storage in the past. It has potential for lumber storage as well as a finishing area including a spray booth.There is ample lighted parking and all handicapped codes are included in the facility. Bathrooms are large to handle large volumes of people.The very front retail space of the building consists of 12,000 open square feet that is heated and cooled. Plans now are for this area to be developed in perhaps the third of fourth phase of development. It has the potential for a meeting space for not only our Guild but other groups looking for assembly space for rent. Now the work starts. There are loads of relatively useless items in the building that need to be removed, auctioned or sold. Work plans and logistical removal will be one of the first items the Guild will tackle.When asked to help, get involved in this great adventure.