If you have been in the shop much this year, you have probably seen the toy people hard at work. Richard Mackintosh and Tom Vandiver, under the tutelage of Al Masson, have done a fantastic job of heading up and organizing the toy program. The list of names below are the people that have helped throughout the year. If I have left anyone out, please accept my apology and let me know so we can add you to the list. Some girls from the Girl Scout troop of St. Anthony’s of Padua elementary school helped by painting several of the toys. The toy group has met every Tuesday at the shop since February, and for the last month or so has met an extra day or two a week. This is a large part of what the Guild is all about, making new friends, learning woodworking techniques, and teaching others. There are several worthy organizations that are receiving the hundreds of toys that this group has put out. I want to thank everyone that has helped out with the toys. Richard plans to get started in February on next year's toys. If you have an interest in joining the group, please let Richard, Tom, Al, or myself know.Rusty Hill -  Charitable Projects List of toy Workers: Feb - Dec 2011

Sally Green, Tom Vandiver, Lamar Delaney, Judy Jones, Dave Hancock, Al Masson*** leader,
Ken Piatak, Tom Jones, Ken Fissel, Harold Tarleton, Charlie Kindig, Amanda, Daniel & Linda Hicklin, Al Socha, Mary Stark, Harrison Kendrick, Gary Groff, Russ & Deb Clark, Don Waldrop, 
Joanna Renkowski, Richard Sporas, Bruce Rankin, Gus Calloway, Steve Ellis, Joe Denny, Larry Herta, John Beagley, Joshua Jensen, Suzanne and Jim Boehm,  Beverly Adamson, Tom Braddock, Art Slayton, Thomas Brannock, Richard Mackintosh.


Recipients of Christmas Toys 2010

Country Santa (Pickens County)
Meyers Center for Children

Project Host  Soup Kitchen

Shriners Children's Hospital

Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries

Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club

Greer Police Dept -  Cops for Tots as well as Sylvia Holtzclaw toy drive

Pendleton Place

American Legion Post 3 -  downtown Greenville

Frazee Dream Center

Children's Hospital

Hands on Greenville

Center for Developmental Services

Ronald McDonald House

Miracle Hills Ministries
Foster Parents Association

Nigerian children enjoying Guild toys

The following pictures show some of our toys being enjoyed by kids in Nigeria. My friend, Steve Rutledge, who has a ministry that sends Bible material to Nigeria, was given the toys by A Childs Haven. Steve works from a building owned by Childs Haven. Our members who made toys might be surprised that their work has spread joy all the way to Nigeria. Steve said some of these kids had never seen a wooden toy.
Bill Bagwell

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Dear Rev. Steve,

Greetings to you in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you so much for the children toys, I have attached photos below of the children playing with the toys.

The children love playing with toys always and it will be blessing to have more children toys and items for the children home.

Do you have bag of rice “food” for us? We will need more clothes for the children, so wonderful and nice.

God Bless You,
Rev. Godstime


Toy Build

We need your help to make 2500 toys for distribution to the less fortunate children in the Greenville area this coming Christmas season. We need to start now, so starting at the July monthly meeting we will provide patterns and wood for you to make five (5) toys each month for the following five months. So if 100 guild members agree to build five toys a month for five months, we will make the 2500 toys goal. Please sign-up today and be ready to start building toys next month. Sign up by clicking here.Signed up so far (click)

September 2009

August 2009

July 2009

Since early this year, Al Masson and James Childress and their helpers, Tom Vandiver, Gary Groff, Chuck Graham, and others, have been busy crafting planes, cars, trucks, and other toys, towards their goal of making 1,000 toys by Christmas.