Palmetto Boys Shelter
Miracle Hill Ministries

July 2005

Saturday unload of Rusty's borrowed truck

Out with the old; in with the new

Myndert removing baseboard

Bill and Chris removing baseboard

James sweeping up

James marking stud

Chris and Bill pondering

Myndert and Bill doing nothing

Richard and Bob

Bill, Myndert, and Chris removing baseboard

Lyman and Rusty hoisting cabinet

Bob and Richard installing desktop

Bob and Rusty attaching leg

Bob and Rusty attaching leg

Bill, Myndert, and Chris removing baseboard

April 2005

The guild just completed the first phase of a large charitable project for the Palmetto Boys Shelter. Several volunteers built 2 closet/storage cabinets along with a desk top to replace the worn-out units in the boys rooms. New beds are almost completed for the room and will be put in soon. A total of 8 rooms will be refurbished in this project.

Pat Holland (Volunteer Administrator & Special Events) and Frankie Powell (VP of Development for Miracle Hill) were extremely pleased with the units and the work that the guild has provided over the years. They are excited about getting the rest of the units completed.

Members that helped on the project (please let me know if I omitted anyone) were: David Aman, Frank Beal, Bill Brett, James Childress, Bob Gardner, Bill Hagler, Ron Jacobs, Goudy Miller, George Roberts, Jeffrey Shreier, and Tom Shearer.  A huge thanks to all who helped make the Boys Shelter a little bit nicer. 
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