Project Bette Ann

October 2008 - The Final Chapter

"All the Kings men" returned to the scene of the crime, to an Open House hosted by Bette Ann. Here is what the finished product looks like:

November 2007 - "The Last Day"


October/November 2007

(Photographs courtesy of Jim Kilton)

David & Aubrey encasing a beam

David Aman doing some ripping

Aubrey and Bette Ann

Bill Brett & Al Kaufmann installing beadboard

Danny to Bill: "You'd better get it right this time"

Shimmeree, shimmeree, shim, shim, sheree

Tom Shearer: "I found the cordless drill"

"It's snowing out"

Bill Brett - who tool my lunch?

Danny Goodson & Bill Keener: "Where's the beach umbrella"?

Bill Sweetay on the back porch

Upper and base cabinets, crown molding, and John Roberts

Upper and base cabinets, crown molding, and Aubrey Rogers

Upper cabinets and crown molding

Cathedral windows being trimmed out, by Danny Goodson and Bill Keener
(not their best sides)

June 2007

Drawer pieces being selected

Rails and stiles being routed

This decision needs coffee

Let's see now...

The Bills (Rucker and Keener) installing a collar tie

John Thornton, Danny Goodson, and ? removing an old counter top

Bill Keener, after dropping blown-in insulation on Danny Goodson

May 2007

Waddy in action, fitting trim work

Jim at his SCMS, with the "no-look" cut

O'Brian in the ready position

Bill, the trigger man

Col. Critser posing

Aubrey working...John telling him he missed a spot

Waddy at the SCMS

O'Brian and David, doing outside repairs

Bob Sykes, wanting to know if he missed a spot

David and O'Brian, part II

April 2007

Bette Ann Braeutigam


Fellow woodworkers


When a group from the Guild visited Bette Ann to arrange for the delivery of the auction items, she showed us her house which was being renovated by her late husband.  The situation could not be worse! Three sides of the house were in various stages of renovation. The section she is living in is cramped and has no outside light. She has little resources to complete the renovation, and could not find anyone willing to do the work.

This is an opportunity to help a person with a real need!

We have agreed to ask members to join us in completing the house. Outside work consists of tidying up, putting on trim, sealing concrete corners, sealing a joint with the old house, closing in a porch, etc.

One room needs the ceiling and walls installed, some other small fixes and it will be complete. We have identified these two projects as the first priority.

The front of the house has been expanded to enlarge the kitchen and hallway. The area is unfinished, walls will need to be removed and a new kitchen created, a much larger assignment but it can be done as this modification is a must in order to have livable home. This is priority two.

And a third room requires some major thought to integrate it into the existing structure.


Ron Critser has agreed to coordinate all activities between Bette Ann and the Guild; ensuring supplies are on hand to do the work and ensuring we complete the work to her specifications. Several others have offered to head the work parties.



If you are willing help let Ron know at