Tribune Times, Wednesday February 29, 2012
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Posted 2-29-12

Notes from the January 9, 2012 Meeting

David Aman
Outgoing Education Superintendent David Aman
is recognized with a Lifetime Membership Award.
shop supers
New Education Superintendent
Steve Padula introduces his team.
Renowned turner Warren Carpenter entertained and educated from behind the lathe, producing two bowls and offering lots of pointers, professional tips, and general woodturning wisdom. Below are shots of Warren in action, as well as samples of the work he had on display.
warren 1 vase warren 3

bowl 2

warren 2 bowl 1

This message was received from Debbie Clarke, wife of Guild Board member and Audio/Visual Chairman Russ Clarke:

Thank you to the Guild and to the toy team for allowing me to participate in the Toy Project by providing doll quilts. It was a small idea that grew over night. Every photo I posted on my blog of the toys and the woodworkers drew wonderful responses, and doll quilts arrived daily for 2 weeks. Last night, I posted photos of the toy display at the dinner on my blog. This morning I received so many comments that I wanted to share them with the Guild. These comments are from people all over the country and Canada, and show the impact of the Guild and the Toy Project.

"The Mr. Clauses do an amazing job! Those are the best toys, the kind that will survive and be passed down. What a wonderful thing they do."

"I hope you--and the woodworkers--get some much-earned rest! :o) Thanks for letting us all join in!"

"Oh, I just love being called a Mrs. Claus!!!! I loved doing this and will do more for next year!!! Wonderful pictures of the toys and beautiful cradles from the Mr. Clauses!!!!!"

"Congratulations! The quilts look fabulous... and I know the woodworking crew must be pleased with all of them! Makes me smile every time I think of your project... knowing a bunch of little girls are going to be so happy when Santa comes!"

"Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful quilt project. The Greenville Woodworkers & artists did a FANTASTIC job on all of the toys. The children will truly be blessed by all the love poured out on them this Christmas."

"Those cradles and strollers are adorable. I love the little flowers on the cradles. Wonderful what is happening there. Make sure Mr. Claus knows."

"Oh what beautiful cradles, strollers & beds. I love the pretty little painting on them. This is such a wonderful thing you & Santa & the elves are doing. I love coming each day & see the progress. Blessings to all who are involved in this."

So a big thank you to Tom (Vandiver), the Head Elf and California pin-up favorite, to Richard (Mackintosh), the Pesky Elf, and to all the toymakers for a very successful project. The quilters are making plans for 2012 for at least one quilt from every state. So you better get your plans made and get busy real soon.

Merry Christmas!

Mrs. Claus of the "Get Your Mrs. Claus On" Project (Debbie Clarke)

To see some pictures of the toys and quilts, click on the link below:
(posted 12/7/11)

Made in America
(posted 12/6/11)

New Education Center expands Guild's mission - click for details
(posted 2/23/11)

Guild member Bill Schmidt receives honor
Dr. William Schmidt, medical director of Children's Hospital at Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center (and Greenville Woodworkers Guild member) was honored with the William R. DeLoache Center for Developmental Services (CDS) (Guild charity) inaugural "Reaching Potential Award." This recognition honors an individual who displays outstanding efforts toward fostering positive change in the Upstate through helping children with special needs. Recipients are selected from nominations from the community. Dr. Schmidt, who worked closely with Dr. DeLoache in making CDS a reality, was nominated for being a champion of children's health in the Upstate for more than 20 years.
(posted 2/12/11)

Stanley sells off Delta; will move to SC
From Popular Woodworking:


Guild holds first regular meeting at new Education Center

The cars were parked out to Mauldin Road
Guild member Don Clarke has won the rocking chair donated by member Harold Dodson.
Harold's website can be visited at
(posted 12/31/10)

Peggy Denny Show features the Guild

Shown with Peggy are Wayne Comstock (President), Jean Arden (coordinator of
the Guild's program at The Children's Museum), and Al Masson (coordinator of
the Guild's toy program). This program will be shown on WGGS-TV, Dove
Broadcasting, Channel 16 or 6 (HD or CC) at 1:00 PM on Friday, July 30th,
and Wednesday, August 18th, at 1:00 PM.
(posted 7/27/10)

Tribune Times, Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(posted 7/11/10)

The Children's Museum recognizes Guild volunteerism.
(posted 7/8/10)

Guild displays at Artist's Guild of Greenville -  the GWG gallery opened Friday night, April 2, 2010. We had upwards of 150 people who visited the reception, plus numerous members. Everyone was blown away by the variety of beautiful pieces on display. Dave Guthrie, Communications Chairman, coordinated the displays and reception, with John Colacioppo, Sergeant at Arms and The Cook's Station catering the affair. The GWG will be the featured artist at the Artist's Guild Gallery of Greenville, 200 North Main, Greenville, for the entire month of April.

(posted 4/3/10)

Guild assists with Pinewood Derby - On Saturday, February 20, 2010, Guild members opened up their Education Center to 22 Boy Scouts and fathers from the Reedy River District 151, and to work with them in the building of Pinewood Derby cars:

(posted 2/24/10)

Guild announces new Education Center

Guild wins Fuji Film Community Award

Guild member Jim Noller is the Quality Assurance Manager at the Fuji facility
in Greenwood. Jim submitted the GWG for their “101 Reasons to Give” committee
and they have rewarded us with a brand new Fuji digital camera.
The camera is a 12.2 Megapixels unit with a 3x optical zoom and a 2.7” LCD viewer.
With the camera came a card which says, “Fujifilm’s Employee Giving Fund is dedicated
to putting Fujifilm digital cameras into the hands of people and organizations that
make a difference in our lives and, at the same time, to recognizing the
interests and efforts of our employees within their own communities.
We are proud to support your organization’s efforts and we thank you for
all that you do for our communities.”

Thanks, Jim. We’ll put it to good use!


Guild's "Toy Story" gets told
(posted 12/23/09)

More toys on TV - the Guild's Christmas Toy Project gets covered by Fox Carolina TV News.
(posted 12/10/09)


Toys on TV - the Guild's Christmas Toy Project gets TV coverage.
(posted 11/19/09)


1850 woodworking demonstrated at Roper Mountain Science Center Living History Museum by Guild member Richard Mackintosh.

- Spoon making
- Handle making
- Lathe discussion
- De-barking
- Floating ring
- Spear

Spoon making

Making a handle

Preparing logs for a cabin

Turning a captive ring


(posted 1/15/09)