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March Show & Tell
General Meeting
March 6, 2017
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Cheeseboard by Wells Doty
Maple & Walnut Dyed Veneer

High Angle Plane by Done Clarke
Walnut & Osage Orange

Walnut Table with Fluted Legs by Bill Lancaster
Walnut & Osage Orange

Spoon Plane by Don Clarke
Bacote & Osage Orange

Bowls by Bill Lancaster

Travisners by Don Clarke
Bubinga, Hicory, Beech, Maple

Chippendale Table by Barry Jones
Maple, Sycamore & Sapele

Salt & Pepper Grinders by Wells Doty
Various Woods

Giraffe by Gary Morris
Baltic Birch

Wave Bowl by Wells Doty

Checkerboard Hollow Forms by Wells Doty
Various Woods

Fractal Burned Bowl by Jim Kilton

Small Bowl by Wells Doty

Natural Edge Bowl by Wells Doty

Greene & Greene Style Table by Matt Guzowski
American Red Elm & American Grey Elm

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